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South Carolina Educators
for the
Practical Use of Research

Welcome to the South Carolina Educators for the Practical Use of Research

We are a network of educational researchers with a shared interest in the use of research to improve education in South Carolina. Members of SCEPUR represent diverse backgrounds from both K-12 education and higher education.



Join us for the 33rd annual
SCEPUR conference.

This year's conference will be
virtual AND free!

This year’s conference will include two panel discussions and a variety of research roundtables.

Addressing Race & Trauma in Education

Invited panelists will discuss issues of systemic racism, 

inadequate funding, and unjust educational policies affecting 

marginalized groups in our state. Help us envision change as we 

learn more about research-based strategies and programs we 

can employ to collectively work toward a more just system. 

The Impact of COVID-19 on Instruction, Learning, & Assessment

An invited panel of researchers and policy makers will share 

insights about how COVID-19 has impacted education across 

the state including topics such as effective virtual and blended 

learning, learning loss, and remote testing. 

Research Roundtable Discussions

Attend one of several research roundtable discussions in which 

you can share information about ongoing and upcoming research 

projects you are conducting, get advice on the direction of your 

research, and form connections with other researchers across 

the state. Topics will be developed based on conference 

participants’ interests.

Participants receive recertification credit. Registration is forthcoming.

Be part of this important conversation!