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South Carolina Educators
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Practical Use of Research
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Past Presidents

2019-2020 Kristina (Krysti) Webber
2018-2019 Tammiee Dickenson, University of South Carolina and Kevin Andrews, South Carolina Education Oversight Committee
2017-2018  Shane Phillips, Lexington County School District One
2016-2017  Marleah Bouchard, Winthrop University
2015-2016  Fred Greer, University of South Carolina
2014-2015  Lisa Harris, Winthrop University
2013-2014  Kevin Andrews, South Carolina Education Oversight Committee
2012-2013  Elainna Rickenbacker, Lexington County School District One
2011-2012  Carol Marchel, Winthrop University
2010-2011  Carolyn Shields, Winthrop University

2009-2010  Tammiee Dickenson, University of South Carolina
2008-2009  Jennifer Coleman, Richland County School District One
2007-2008  Jason B. McCreary, Research, Evaluation, & Accountability Greenville County
2006-2007  Susan Green, Winthrop University
2005-2006  Min Ching, Richland School District One
2004-2005  Ling Gao, SC Department of Education
2003-2004  Robert Johnson, University of South Carolina
2002-2003  Tom Pritchard, Horry County Schools
2001-2002  Janelle Rivers, Lexington School Disrict One
2000-2001  David Potter, SC Education Oversight Committee

1999-2000  John Segars, Pee Dee Education Center
1998-1999  Missy Wall-Mitchell, Georgetown County Schools
1997-1998  John May, SC Department of Education
1996-1997  Douglas G. Alexander, Richland School District One
1995-1996  Theresa Siskind, The Citadel
1994-1995  Myrtle McDaniel, Orangeburg School District Five
1993-1994  Patricia K. Burns, School District of Greenville County
1992-1993  Terry Helsley, Rock Hill School District Three
1991-1992  John Suber, SC Department of Education
1990-1991  Sondra Holt, Florence School District Two
1989-1990  Debra Hamm, Richland School District Two