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The 32nd Annual SCEPUR Conference will be held at the
R2i2 Conference Center on February 28, 2020 

Important SCEPUR Dates 

October 17th:
Call for Proposal opens

December 4th:
Deadline to submit Proposals by 11:59 pm. 

December 11th: Submissions due for  the Distinguished Paper Award and the Outstanding Evaluation Award

December 20th: Presenters Notified 
We are excited to announce our keynote speaker for the SCEPUR 2020 conference: Dr. Gloria Boutte!

Dr. Boutte is the founder of the Center of Excellence for the Education and Equity of African American Students ( For more than three decades, Dr. Boutte’s scholarship, teaching, and service have focused on equity pedagogies. Dr. Boutte has presented nationally and internationally and is the author/editor of four
books on equity, curriculum, instruction, and diversity issues.

Conference Location: 

2020 Presentations

New Directions in Research on Early Childhood

Paper 1: Examining Motor Competence Profiles in Preschool Children: A Latent Profile Analysis
Angela Starrett, Adam Pennell, Ali Brian, Matthew Irvin

  University of South Carolina; Pepperdine University

Paper 2: Comparing Socio-Emotional Profiles of Kindergarteners from Parent and Teacher Ratings

  Angela Starrett, Meir Muller, Matthew Irvin

  University of South Carolina

Paper 3: What Does Secondary Data Tell Us About Parents’ Selection of Quality Child Care?
Michael Hornsby, Vasanthi Rao

  University of South Carolina


Supporting Content Area and Disciplinary Literacy  in South Carolina Middle and High Schools

Jennifer Morrison, Rachelle Savitz, Britnie Kane, Charlene Aldrich, Ian O’Byrne, Todd Lilly, Kavin Ming

University of South Carolina; Clemson University; The Citadel; College of Charleston; Winthrop University


Demonstrating and Validating CARE

Robert O'Hara, Kathryn Wilhite, Faiza Jamil

Clemson University


Using the Academic Support Index to Quickly Identify and Better Support At-Risk Students    

Shane Phillips, Elainna Jo Rickenbacker, Scott G. Taylor

Lexington School District 1


Practical Issues in Standard Setting for K-12 Tests

Ricardo Mercado, Jessalyn Smith, Julie Korts, Sara Kendallen

Data Recognition Corporation (DRC)


Insights into the current South Carolina Accountability System – Year 2

Kevin Andrews

South Carolina Education Oversight Committee


Relationship of Instructional Time Configuration, Gender and Race on Seventh Grade Social Studies Performance

               Ken Vogler, Susan Scramm-Pate, Audrey Allan

               University of South Carolina; York School District One


Furthering Women Faculty in Leadership Roles – A Human Performance Technology Intervention Research Case Study

Cynthia Sims, Angela Carter, Kristin Frady, Stephen Brown

Clemson University


Adapting and Mingling: International College Students’ Perceptions of Campus Climate for Diversity

Xumei Fan, John Dozier, Kathryn Luchok, Sabrina Andrews, Jonathan Poon

University of South Carolina


Evaluation of the Tri-County Reading by Third Demonstration Project

Jonathan Rauh, Paige Pullen

Trident United Way; University of Florida


Synthesis of Literature: Influence of faculty interaction with marginalized STEM student populations on student belonging and self-efficacy

Candice Wicker Bolding, Kathryn Wilhite 

Clemson University


Exploring the Effects of an Open Classroom Climate on the Critical Consciousness of Preadolescent and Adolescent Youth

               Luke Rapa, Candice Wicker Bolding, Faiza M. Jamil

               Clemson University        


Rasch Equating with a network of loops: a practical example

               Richard Smith, Lee McKenna, Joseph Saunders, Brandon Loudermilk

               Data Recognition Corporation (DRC); South Carolina Department of Education    


Fostering Beginning Teacher Growth through Action Research

               Lisa Harris, Tammy Burnham, Crystal Glover, Megan Schramm-Possinger, Lisa Johnson

               Winthrop University       


Transfer Student Capital: Increasing Latinx Student Participation in STEM           

Daniel Stockwell, Kristin Frady   

Clemson University


Teachers Connecting with Rural Students and Places: A Mixed Methods Analysis
Angela Starrett;  Jan Yow, Christine Lotter, Matt Irvin, Paula Adams          

University of South Carolina


Professional Development in Classroom Management for Novice Teachers: A Systematic Review

               Shanna Hirsch, Kristina Randall, John Wills Lloyd, Catherine Bradshaw

               Clemson University; University of Virginia            


Relationship Between Implementation and Reading Achievement for Schools Implementing a Multi-Tiered System of Supports Framework    
Tammiee Dickenson, Artie Maharaj, Ashlee Lewis
University of South Carolina


Investigating Pre-School Children’s Behavioral and Emotional Problems with the Pediatric Symptoms Checklist-17----A longitudinal case study

               Ruiqin Gao, Jin Liu, Christine Distefano, Ning Jiang

               University of South Carolina       


Exploring the Meaning and Feelings of Belonging Among LGBTQ+ College Students        

Robert Buchanan, Melissa Duffy

University of South Carolina


Student Perceptions of Academic Relevance: Investigating Racial/Ethnic Differences Among Early Adolescents           

Krysti Webber   

University of South Carolina


Gender Difference in High School Students’ Career Interests in Different STEM Fields and Factors Influencing the Difference          

Jiali Zheng, Matthew Irvin, Angela Starrett

University of South Carolina       


Motivating with equity & diversity: Growth Mindset & Emotional Resilience (Poster)     

Tammy Burnham, Shea Nunn, Melissa Wallace
Winthrop University       

Neuroimaging, Phonological Processing, and Basic Word Reading Skills in Children: A Research Synthesis (Poster)     

Ayan Mitra, Lucy K Spence
University of South Carolina

Minority Underrepresentation in Gifted Education (Poster)       

Katie Thompson

Presbyterian College

Avoiding Stereotypes When Using Multicultural Children’s Literature (Poster)         

Ivy Johnson

Presbyterian College      

The Importance of Social Capital for Latinx Immigrant Students in the American Southeast (Poster)                   

Cliff Lee

Greenville County Schools

Self-Regulatory Supports: Three Versions of Regulation (Poster)                    

Kathryn Wilhite, Robert O’Hara, Cari Brooks

Clemson University   

Examining the Impact of Organizational Effectiveness of Public-School Districts in South Carolina (Poster)              

Maurice Williams

Clemson University