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South Carolina Educators
for the
Practical Use of Research
Home2010 Conference

22nd Annual Conference of the

South Carolina Educators for the Practical Use of Research

February 25 - 26, 2010

South Carolina Archives and History Center

8301 Parklane Road, Columbia, SC 29223

Meeting Theme - New Directions: Understanding Complex Ecologies in a Changing World

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Day 1: Thursday, February 25, 2010

Plenary I
Bridging the Gap from Measurement Theory to the Classroom Instruction Using Cognitive Diagnostic ModelingDr. Terry Ackerman

Session 1B: South Carolina High School Assessments
1B.1: Perspectives on the End-of-Course Examination for U.S. History and the Constitution Student Achievement –Go & Skinner
1B.2: Spring 2009 HSAP Scores:  What Happened? – Saunders & Brailsford

Session 1C: School Improvement and Climate Studies
1C.1: Turning Around a Low-Performing Urban High School – Egelson, Jurs, Donnolley, & Heitger-Ewing
1C.2: The Relationship between School Climate and School Performance– Gareau, Monrad, DiStefano, May, Price, Ishikawa, & Mindrila

Plenary II
Reporting Facts, Measuring Change, Promoting Progress  -Education Oversight Committee: Anderson, Barton, Potter, & Yow

Session 2A: Workshop Presentations
2A.1: South Carol’s Statewide Longitudinal Data System – West
2A.2: Graduation Rate:  New Federal Data Requirements – West

Session 2B: Workshop Presentation
Measuring Program Implementation: Lessons on Methodology – Bennett, Gareau, Gilmore, Dickenson, Monrad, Johnson, Loudermilk, Price, & Sesso-Dahlke

Session 2C: Workshop Presentation
Teacher Action Research: Using Data to Improve Kindergarten Students’ Writing Skills – Pickett & Elam

Session 2D: Poster Session I
2D.1: Impact of Reducing State-Mandated Social Studies Testing on Elementary Teachers’ Instruction - Vogler
2D.2: Guidelines for Selection of Mathematics Disability Diagnostic Tools - Rao & Greer

Session 3A: Arts Education
Mixing it Up: Incorporating Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches to Investigate Arts Integration Efforts - Morgan & Lewis

Session 3B: Assessment for Special Education Students
Using Cognitive Lab Methodology to Investigate Science Inquiry Items for use on an AA-MAS –-Dickenson, Price, Bennett, Gilmore, & Payne

Session 3C: Writing Instruction
Teaching Conventions in Writing: Is there a “Better” Method? – Jimenez

Day 2: Friday, February 26, 2010

Plenary III
Looking Back To Look Ahead - Dr. Stephen Hefner

Session 4A: Symposium
Setting Performance Standards and Scaling the Palmetto Assessments of State Standards (PASS): Practical, Political, and Technical Issues - Potter & Saunders

Session 4B: Intervention for High School Students
4B.1: The Effectiveness of the Response-to-Intervention Process for At-risk High School Students - Scott
4B.2: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Three Technology Interventions: Impact on Grades Year Following Intervention - Nesbit & Clark Lindle

Session 4C: Teacher Training Studies
4C.1: An Initial Study of a Method for Instructing Educators about the Revised Taxonomy - Sultana & Johnson
4C.2: Well Rounded Teachers: The Efficacy of Rounds in Teacher Education - Zenger, Gilmore, & Payne

Session 5A: Workshop
The Intersection of Research and Practice: Impacting Schools and Communities - C. Williams

Session 5B: Dual Enrollment and History Education
5B.1: The Influence of Dual Enrollment Policy and Practice on College Student Persistence - D’Amico, Morgan, Robertson, & Rivers (SCEPUR 2010 Distinguished Paper Award Winner!)
5B.2: The Impact of Professional Development on Using American History Textbooks: A Case Study to Understand Newer Directions from Teachers’ Perspectives - Sultana & Petrulis

5C: Early Childhood Studies
5C.1: Early Reading First: Effective Utilization of Evaluation Results - Pelt
5C.2: Systematic Observations for Assessment of Preschool Classroom Quality in the Child Development Education Pilot Program (CDEPP) - Greer, Brown, Knopf, & J. Williams

5D: Poster Session II
5D.1: Wait, What was I Doing? Investigating the Impact of Distraction During Rating in a Music Performance Assessment - Zhu, Lewis, Zhang, Pearsall, Yap, & Johnson
5D.2: Graduate Students’ Views of the Relationship Between Teaching and Research Across the Disciplines - Glab, Gilmore, Maher, & Timmerman

Plenary IV
Wrapping Up with Accountability - Division of Accountability, South Carolina Department of Education: West, Busbee, Abbott, Jones, Moore, & Huggins