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31st Annual Conference of the

South Carolina Educators for the Practical Use of Research

March 1, 2019

SCEPUR Presentations at the 2019 Conference held on March 1, 2019


Paper Session: College Major Topics

1. Corner of the Classroom: College of Education Students’ Sense of Belonging – O’Hara, Switzer

2. Family and Fictive Family Influences on Engineering Students at Two-Year and Four-Year Institutions – Brisbane, Gallagher, Pfitman, Patel, Murphy, Hines

3. The Impact of Extra-Familial Relationships on STEM Major Selection – Murphy, Hines


Paper Session: Geographic Location and Education

4. Examining the Importance of Place-based Education on Adolescent Rural Identity: A Double Mediation S – Starrett, Irvin, Harrist, Yow, Lotter

5. School Leaders and the Student Voice: Understanding Student Experiences of Inclusion and Exclusion i – Williams, Sutherland

6. Intergenerational Learning Opportunities Among Military-Connected Families: A Review of the Literatu – McKown, Stephan

Paper Session: Teacher and School Evaluation Topics

7. Teacher Educators’ Initial Impressions of the edTPA – Davis, Armstrong

8. Beyond “Sit and Get”: Kindergarten Teacher Response to Contextualized Professional Development Works – Bennett, Jamil, Cotton

9. Evaluating School Improvement Grants: Student Outcome, School Climate, and Teacher and Administrator – Fan, D’Amico, Long



10. Accountability Finale: A Discussion of the Results of the Accountability System – Andrews, Ralyea

Paper Session: College Learning Experiences

11. The Impact of Classroom Design and Pedagogy on Motivation, Self-Efficacy, and Self-Regulated Learnin – O’Hara

12. Student Involvement as a Mediator of the Relationship of Peer Leaders in First-Year Seminars to Acad – Zhang, Irvin, DiStefano, Friedman

Paper Session: Social Justice Topics

13. Critical Consciousness in Pre-Adolescents: An Initial Exploration – Rapa, Jamil

14. We Don’t See Color: Colorblindness in School Leadership – Harrington

Keynote Address

15. Opportunities and Oversights: Linking Research and Practice in Schools - Farley-Ripple


16. Predictive Models for Initial College Math Course and Major Selection Based on High School Instituti – Gallagher, Brown, Frady


Paper Session: Arts Assessment

17. Differential Item Functioning in a State-wide Visual Arts Assessment Using Item-focused Rasch Tree M – Jiang, Burgess, Pompey, Lewis

18. Impact of School-Level Factors on Arts Achievement for Fourth Graders: A Longitudinal Analysis – Jiang, Rogers, Hu, Lewis


19. STEM Learning and Motivation in Formal and Informal Education Settings – Irvin, Starrett, Irdam, Kunz, Irvin, Goff


20. Using Tablets to Support Reading Fluency for Struggling Readers – Mize, Schramm-Possinger

Paper Session: Technical Methods

21. Investigating Young Children’s Behavioral Problem Using Pediatric Symptoms Checklist 17 in Structura – Liu, Guo, Gao

22. Application of Comparative Interrupted Time Series to Investigate School Effects – Dickenson